Will I be able to see my picture before I purchase it?

Unfortunately not, but once you place your order I will keep you fully informed with updates and screenshots of your print.

How long does it take for you to do my print?

My turnaround is 1-2 days. So I will ship your print as soon as I have had the approval of your final proof.

What is a high-resolution photo?

The best results are created using 'high-resolution' photos. A photo that has been taken by a professional or a decent smartphone or digital camera. The quality of modern devices is excellent and most photos taken are high-resolution images.

Using a high-resolution photo allows me to see every little detail and I will be able to create an amazingly detailed recreation of your photo.

Blurred and poor resolution photographs do not give good results in the final print as all the fine detail is lost and cannot be re-created. If I cannot see the detail then I cannot create it.

Can you put text on my picture?

Yes, and it is completely free to add your text.

What if I want to print myself?

Yes, you can print your own image or take it to a professional printer. All the completed prints are high-resolution images so you will get excellent results from a digital file. Please request a custom order so I can set up the file prior to beginning work, and create a digital listing just for you to purchase.

Why do my print colours look different than the colour on the proof?

Due to differences in monitor and printer calibrations, colours may appear different in print than on screen. Different papers will also yield different visual results.

How long will it take for my print to arrive?

The United Kingdom
1-3 days, depending on the shipping option chosen.

United States
5-7 Days Priority Shipping
7-14 Days Standard Shipping - but please allow extra time during busy periods, up to three weeks around December/Christmas time.

Around 3-7 Days- longer during busy periods such as Christmas.

How do you create my print?

I am a digital artist and I use a combination of your high-resolution photos and a graphics tablet to transform your pixels into beautiful works of art.

The quality of your photograph will directly affect the final print. The better the photo the better the finished result.

Poor quality or blurry photos will not allow me to produce the detailed prints that you can see in the listing examples.

What sizes can you print?

I can print any size up to 13 x 19 inches (A3+) so please get in touch if the size is not listed and I will be happy to create a custom order for the size you would like.

What paper do you use to print my order?

I use a variety of papers to print on. When printing traditional watercolour prints I have a choice of off white archival paper or white archival paper. For the pet/car portraits I often use lustre photo paper, especially if the animal/car is dark coloured or black. The reason for the lustre paper is that it gives 'life' to the print and an overall better result than a flat archival paper. If you have any questions about this then please contact me.